Portable & Affordable Shelter

  • Temporary or Permanent

  • Buy or Lease

  • DIY or Contractor Installed

The PerfectSpaceTM makes pre-fabricated kit homes that can be assembled by a few handy people in just a few days

Whether it’s floods, fires, lava, or your lease has expired, you can unbolt and collapse the entire structure and drive it away in a pickup, dodging a disaster. It can also be built as a permanent structure made to last indefinitely, with minimal maintenance.  The structure comes with a 10 year Warranty against rust, leaks and termites.  Simply keep the exterior watertight with our approved paints and sealants.



  • The models shown below come in 120, 240, 360, & 480 SF sizes
  • Custom sizes are also available upon request.

Humble Hale

A strong and affordable shelter that is easy to customize.                                                                

  • Perfect for emergency housing – 20 homes fit in one 40ft container 
  • One shelter weighs about 2,000lbs – easy to fly into remote areas
  • Tough structural aluminum frame with stainless fasteners – 10yr rustproof warranty


Kalapana Rising

Go completely off-grid with our solar, water catchment, and 12-vault electrical package.

  • Integrated gutter/catchment system with water filters & collection tank
  • 3 solar PV panels (900w) with backup battery & 12 volt 
  • Roof can be painted with non-toxic paint, suitable for potable water


Old Pali Road

Our 2.5 story ‘mini-mansion’ with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a kitchen and a large loft.


  • 960 SF of living area + 480 SF loft + 160 SF of balconies = 1600 SF
  • 4 dormers with opening windows
  • 3 wood striped awnings
  • 1 spiral staircase
  • 2 octagon insulated windows
  • 6 flower boxes
  • Fantasy paint job – you choose your colors and style


  • Kitchen Suite with fridge, stove, sink
  • Bathroom Suite with fixtures of your choice
  • Office Suite with cabinets and quartz counter


Kikowaena Community Center

A joyous gathering place for food, music, hula – or a town meeting.                             


  • 720 SF (or larger) of meeting space with 4 dormers and 4 venting skylights
  • 6ft striped awning
  • ADA ramp with railings
  • Perimeter fences for garden
  • 2 sets of French doors 6ft wide
  • 6 large insulated windows with 6 flower boxes and 6 sets of storm shutters
  • Elegant “Butterfly Roof” is perfect for water catchment systems
  • Fantasy paint job-you choose your favorite colors and style


  • Full kitchen suite with fridge, cabinets, sink


Lahaina Mission House

This two-story house can be built with either an interior or exterior staircase.


  • 2 Large 6ft wide striped wood awnings
  • Dormer and opening window
  • Downstairs bathroom/closet area with curtain
  • Upstairs closet/sleeping area with curtain
  • Custom fantasy paint job
  • Interior or exterior spiral staircase
  • 4 flower boxes
  • 2 sets of storm window shutters


  • “Romeo & Juliet Balcony”


Waianae Heart & Soul

Comes with wood trim and custom Polynesian graphics.                                          


  • Dormer with tapa trim
  • Full loft 
  • Bathroom or closet room with curtain door
  • 2 sets of storm window shutters
  • 4 flower boxes
  • Fantasy paint job
  • Integrated gutters/water catchment
  • Roof paint is non-toxic, suitable for potable water


  • Kitchen Suite
    • Upper/lower wood cabinets
    • Quartz counter
    • Sink
  • Office Suite
    • 10ft long upper/lower cabinets
    • Quartz counter


Emergency Care Center

TPS shelters can be flown into disaster sites and erected in just a few days.



Happy Hilo Days

Classic Hawaiian style ‘Board and Batten’  look with a striped awning.              



Kahala Avenue

Our most elegant package comes with a porch, French doors, and a custom fantasy paint job.


  • 10ft Long Cabinets
  • Quartzite Counter
  • Colonial PVC Crown Moulding
  • Full Loft
  • Custom Fantasy Paint Job
  • Integrated Gutter
  • Water Catchment System
  • 2 Metal Hose Downspouts


  • Curved Front Step
  • Porch Roof
  • Picket Fence
  • Porch
  • Octagonal Window
  • Venting Skylight
  • Curved Window
  • LED Cove Lighting
  • LED Lit “Inspirational Lightbox”
  • Silk Flowers
  • Sliding Windows
  • Carpet
  • Bathroom Sink
  • Shower Head
  • Water Catchment Barrel
  • Water Catchment Filter
  • 3 Solar Panels at 300 watts per
  • Solar Panel Battery
  • Solar Panel Electrical Components


More news

About ThePerfectSpaceTM

TPS AS Emergency Housing

ThePerfectSpace ™ is is made to withstand the toughest conditions needed in disaster relief areas. The floors, wall and roof panels are covered with a special plastic laminate -similar to Formica™-that is easily hosed down and sanitized of any mud, blood, bedbugs or other contaminants found in homeless or emergency housing.

Our smooth wall surfaces make the perfect blank canvas for your imagination—inside or out. You can buy optional stencils to create whatever fantasy look that catches your fancy. If you want the look of a clay tile roof with brick walls—no problem. Just stencil away.

TPS AS Commercial & Residential

ThePerfectSpace ™ makes an elegant office with a 13 ft high soaring ceiling that creates a feeling of spaciousness. Whether you are in real estate, a contractor, run a beach concession or a nail salon we can customize TPS to your needs.

TPS is made to last over 30 yrs. with minimal maintenance. It’s waterproof, termite proof and rustproof when assembled as directed.
Whether its being used as a secure storage area, or as disaster relief housing, TPS is built to take a beating.

TPS as a Community Center

TPS as a Homeless Shelter

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