ThePerfectSpace ™ is is made to withstand the toughest conditions needed in disaster relief areas. The floors, wall and roof panels are covered with a special plastic laminate -similar to Formica™-that is easily hosed down and sanitized of any mud, blood, bedbugs or other contaminants found in homeless or emergency housing.

Our smooth wall surfaces make the perfect blank canvas for your imagination—inside or out. You can buy optional stencils to create whatever fantasy look that catches your fancy. If you want the look of a clay tile roof with brick walls—no problem. Just stencil away.

Key Features

100% Waterproof, Rustproof, and Termite proof: The framing is made from tough T-6 structural aluminum alloy; the same alloy used to build airplanes.
The framing is fastened together with stainless steel nuts and bolts and the exterior panels are coated with a waterproof and heat reflective coating.

Elegant Office, Spacious Storage, Retail Store: ThePerfectSpace can be customized to meet your needs.

An overhead storage loft can be added to increase your storage space.

Make It Your Own: There are many interior and exterior add-ons and customization options that can make your TPS unit unique and truly one of a kind.

A portable structure with a view.

Included in the DIY Basic Kit is enough NXT Heat Reflective Paint to cover the exterior of the TPS structure.  Up to two colors can be chosen at no extra charge. 

All the islands have 6 Enterprise Zones (EZ) which allow for relaxed building codes and very generous tax breaks for many small businesses.  Go to to see if you qualify.

Prices for our Basic 10' x 12' DIY Kits start at $11,800 plus tax.  Assembly can be done by a licensed General Contractor or Owner/Builder.