Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to fully assemble ThePerfectSpace on my lot?

There are three basic expenses to erecting ThePerfectSpace: 

  1. FOUNDATION:  If you have a level and accessible lot, a concrete slab can be poured for approximately $2,000 to $3,000 by a contractor.  (Cool Roof Store and ThePerfectSpace do o not provide this service.  However, we can refer you to a Contractor if you wish.)
  2. KIT:  The cost of the Basic 10′ x 12′ DIY Kit is $11,800 plus tax.  This includes the framing, sheeting, fasteners, brackets, one 32″ x 80″ fiberglass door, and three standard windows.  (Lofts, dormers, extra windows or doors, awnings, balconies, window boxes, and other options are available for an additional cost.
  3. ASSEMBLY:  Assembly can either be done by the Home Owner or by a Contractor.  If assembled by the Home Owner and a few handy and able friends, the Basic Kit includes all the on-site instruction needed for a successful installation.  At the end of the project, a TPS representative will come back, inspect it thoroughly, water test it, and guarantee it against defects in labor or materials for 2 years—free of charge.  The assembly price by a licensed Contractor will vary on a case by case basis.  Call us for referrals to licensed Contractors.

What’s included in the Basic DIY kit?

The Basic 10′ x 12′ DIY Kit includes all the materials you need to assemble a waterproof shelter on a level lot. This includes all the roof, wall, and floor panels, aluminum framework, stainless fasteners, waterproof sealants and the NXT heat reflective paint.  Also included is a 36-inch-wide fiberglass door and two insulated windows. 

Also included is two hours of set-up instructions by our pro.  After you complete your assembly and painting of your Basic DIY Kit, we will come back to your Oahu site and do an official inspection. If your structure passes, we will present you with our 2-year TPS Material Warranty. All of this is included in our Basic DIY Kit price.

Prices for our Basic 10' x 12' DIY Kits start at $11,800 plus tax.  Assembly can be done by a licensed General Contractor or Owner/Builder.