What we do…

The Perfect Space, LLC makes pre-fabricated kit homes with all the materials you need to make a strong, waterproof shelter. You can either choose to assemble it as an Owner/Builder—if you have two strong, handy people who are good at following instructions—or you can choose to hire a local Contractor. Either way, TPS will be happy to advise you all along the way—either in person or over the phone—to make sure you have a successful assembly. Then, one of our Quality Control Inspectors will supervise a test for water leaks. If everything is in order we will issue a 10 Year Warranty against any leaks, rust, termites or defects in the structure itself—when properly installed and maintained with our special waterproof paints and sealants. In addition, other components of the house—including the windows and doors—may have additional warranties from the Manufacturer. Please read all the details in the Warranty section.

Basic DIY Kit Includes:
  • Basic 10′ x 12′ DIY Kit includes aluminum frame, precut panels for the roof and walls, flashings, and all brackets needed for a contractor or owner/builder to assemble the basic 120 square foot structure. Labor and materials for the foundation are not included.
  • As much on-site instruction as needed and a final inspection is included (on Oahu only).
  • Heat reflective paint and waterproof caulking for the exterior of the structure are also included and are required for the 2-year warranty against material defects. Painting and caulking the interior surfaces are not required for the warranty unless they will be exposed to water saturation, salt spray, excessive UV sunlight, or other corrosive elements.
Basic DIY Kit Does Not Include:
  • Building permits and architectural drawings ARE NOT included – In most cases, no permits are needed for storage structures that are 120 square feet or less, as long as zoning laws and all other City and County building requirements are followed. It is solely the “Buyer’s” responsibility to check with the Building Department to make sure their usage conforms to the building code.
  • Labor to build, paint, or do foundation work is not included (Except for charity work). A General Contractor may be required.
  • No electrical work is included. This must be done by a licensed electrician.
  • No plumbing work is included. This must be done by a licensed plumber.
  • Any other materials, labor, or expense not mentioned in this agreement.


Second Story Options

Second Story Floor & Wall Kit
Full Loft Floor with Hatch Kit

Additional Second Story Options

Romeo & Juliet Balcony door with Lock Set
Romeo & Juliet Balcony Kit

Deck & Entrance Options

Second Story Floor & Wall Kit

Miscellaneous Options

6in. x 48in. x 12in. Entrance Step

Row House Kits

160 Square Foot (16' x 10')
200 Square Foot (20' x 10')
240 Square Foot (24' x 10')
280 Square Foot (28' x 10')
320 Square Foot (32' x 10')
360 Square Foot (36' x 10')
400 Square Foot (40' x 10')

Prices for our Basic 10′ x 12′ DIY Kits start at $11,800 plus tax.  Assembly can be done by a licensed General Contractor or Owner/Builder.